Overcoming Weight Gain, Debunking myths and the Right Ways

Weight gain or being overweight is bad only for your health it should not be for your self-confidence. To overcome weight gain, or lose those extra pounds to be fit is very easy UNLESS you are following a completely wrong path, which are most commonly used. So here I will cover all of the common myths that people believe will help to lose weight and also tell the best way, which is actually most easy to become and remain physically fit.

* Among The biggest myths is that dieting will help you to become fit. It is very important to understand that the main concept of having a proper weight is to become fit, and if you are starving your body then you are making your body unfit. And the weight you lose like this is all temporary and at cost of your body’s basic needs.
Correct Way:
Yes STOP eating, BUT stop eating junk food, No pizza, No burger.
STOP eating all packed food, no chocolates, no chips etc.
STOP all cold drinks, No diet soda, nothing.
STOP eating non-veg food. Vegetarian food is the easiest for our body to digest and non-vegetarian is very heavy.
Stop eating fried food.

DO EAT fruits, as much as you can,
Not with food. There must be a difference of at least 1 hour between fruits and food.
Fruits are most healthy. Regular and good intake of fruits maintains the basic and important needs of a fit body.

*There are few medications which can make you lose weight and also will take very less time.
NO! There is no alternative to hard work and shortcut to success.
Besides, all those medications will hamper your body severely, which will come in front shockingly later on.
Correct Way:
Diet will help you to remain fit, but no matter what diet you take, unless you do regular and rigorous exercise you will not lose those extra pounds.
The best way considered to lose weight is running.
Running daily, in regular sets along with small break in between will help you immensely.
Running is even far better than gym for a fit body and is best overall exercise.

Whatever you do, you should always remember that this is not a 1 week task. It will take time, and gradually you will have the fittest body you always aspired to be. Always be self-motivated and keep your vision to your goal, without deviation.