8 “Conspiracy Theories” That Were Proven TRUE In 2017

“Conspiracy theorist“: it’s a term that’s been excessively thrown around over recent years—usually as a way to discredit any individual with a view of reality that differs from the establishment media.

Some have even claimed that the term was concocted by the CIA—and up until now it has been very successful in its purpose of discrediting anyone who questions the mainstream approved headline and labeling them “paranoid.”

When we hear the phrase, we immediately picture a paranoid crazy person cooking up baseless stories in their basement—its a demeaning stereotype that has been pushed onto us.

“Conspiracy theorists” have long been on the receiving end of jokes:

But now, in 2017, theorists and skeptics get to have the last laugh as even some of the most wild and outlandish conspiracies theories became conspiracy fact right before our very eyes:

1. Hollywood’s Sleazy Sexual Abuse Exposed

One of the BIGGEST scandals of 2017 was the revelations uncovering some of Hollywood’s most sordid secrets surrounding the sexual exploitation of men, women, and even children in the entertainment industry—with Harvey Weinstein at the center of it all.

Online researchers have been trying to bring to light the ugly truth about Hollywood for years.

Leading the way of its exposure were internet sleuths using forums such as Reddit as a platform to mass share and spread information about Hollywood and government elites involvement with sexual exploitation and pedophile rings.

2. Proof The United States Aided Syrian Terrorists And Armed ISIS Fighters

It’s been a known-secret for a long time now that the US was aiding/funding ISIS—but back in November the BBC confirmed the suspicions in a bombshell news report.

The BBC reported:

“The BBC has uncovered details of a secret deal that let hundreds of Islamic State fighters and their families escape from Raqqa, under the gaze of the US and British-led coalition and Kurdish-led forces who control the city.

“A convoy included some of IS’s most notorious members and – despite reassurances – dozens of foreign fighters. Some of those have spread out across Syria, even making it as far as Turkey.”

3. In June It Was Reviled That The Federal Reserve Bank Served Foreign US Intelligence.

Reuters explains that private and confidential accounts from the Federal Reserve have been exploited by US departments and the Treasury, “several times a year to analyze the asset holdings of the central banks of Russia, China, Iraq, Turkey, Yemen, Libya and others.”
Reuters reported:

“The U.S. central bank keeps a tight lid on information contained in these accounts.

“But according to the officials interviewed by Reuters, U.S. authorities regularly use a ‘need to know’ confidentiality exception in the Fed’s service contracts with foreign central banks.”

4. Classified Documents Were Released Proving The EPA Knowingly Allowed Chemical Companies To Subjugate The Public To Deadly Toxins

Back in August 2017, 20,000 files were uncovered that federal agencies used “fraudulent safety testing” to approve toxic chemicals by Dow, Monsanto, and others—only to be marketed and used on the public.

The Free Thought Project reported:

“The Poison Papers reveal that, instead of acting to protect the public and reassess the chemicals, EPA held a secret meeting with chemical companies to assure them that their products would continue being sold.

“The secret meeting between EPA and chemical companies is the most poignant example of a long history of collusion at the expense of human and environmental health.”

5. “Chemtrails” Went From Conspiracy THEORY To Conspiracy FACT.

“Chemtrails”—otherwise known as Geoengineering or weather modification—has now become mainstream knowledge.

Indeed, in November, the U.S. House Subcommittee on Environment and Subcommittee on Energy Hearing showed us all how our own elected representatives were openly and publicly discussing climate engineering plans for the near future.


The hearing was called “Geoengineering: Innovation, Research, and Technology”, and it unequivocally proved that the US government plans to use aircraft to spray substances into the sky—which is something former CIA chief John Brennan has already publicly admitted himself.

From using airplanes to weather balloons we now know for a FACT that the government is spraying chemicals into the sky.

Though officials claim that this is to “combat global warming.”

6. Declassified Documents Prove the CIA Orchestrated the 1953 Iranian Coup

The new documents provide an alternative version of historical events originally released by the State Department.

This time, in files titled “Foreign Relations of the United States, 1952-1954, Iran, 1951–1954,” it is revealed that:

“A memorandum from Director of Central Intelligence Allen Dulles to President Eisenhower, dated March 1, 1953, serves as a reminder that internally, ‘the elimination of Mossadeq by assassination or otherwise,’ was used as a method in repairing ties with Iran, restoring oil negotiations, and stopping a “Communist takeover.”

7. History Channel Series Exposes CIA Drug Trafficking

Sometimes, it just takes a mainstream, establishment organization to suggest a conspiracy theory is true in order to make it factual in the minds of the general public.

Indeed, this is exactly what happened when The History Channel released a new series called “America’s War on Drugs.”

In the US’s desperate effort to fight off communism, the CIA made partnerships with drug traffickers, allowing them access into the country in exchange for political support against other national threats.

8. Vitamin C’s Cancer-Fighting Properties Confirmed by Mainstream Science

The epidemic of cancer rates have coincided with a growing industry dedicated to fighting it—but somewhere amid the mad dash to “find a cure”, it seems companies are more focused on profitable, long-term “treatments” than addressing root causes.

As reported by The Free Thought Project:

“According to researchers from the University of Iowa, ascorbate, derived from Vitamin C, was successfully observed increasing hydrogen peroxide levels in cancer cells, which in turn had a toxic result with cancer cells, killing the cancer cells in lab rats yet not damaging normal cells in the process. The researchers concluded that Vitamin C might, indeed, be lethal to some cancers.”

It’s a notion that billions of dollars in Big Pharma marketing would have you disbelieve: that some of nature’s most basic—yet wholesome—properties have real, tangible capacities to cure us in the most important ways.

2017 turned out to be a roller coaster ride of a year, which only leaves us scratching our heads wondering one thing: how crazy will 2018 be?

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