If your favorite Beer is one of these? Then You need to know this.

As per law, non- alcoholic drinks and food should list all of the ingredients they are using, but beer does not comes in this category. No consumer of beer actually is aware of all the ingredients which are added to it. Some of them are responsible for health issues later on. Few among these brands also use ingredients which are considered as carcinogenic and can also result in cancer development.

Be it your favorite beer Newcastle Brown Ale or Budweiser,
Corona Extra or Michelob Ultra,
Miller Lite or all time favorite Guinness,
Cheap beer Coors Light or Pabst Blue Ribbon,
Most of the popular brands also lie in this category, and the most important of them have been covered here.

The old saying goes, you are what you eat and even if you think that it is a refreshing drink , the truth is that it will harm you. Ignorance is fatal. So consider this information very seriously. Video below:-