‘Milk is Good for the Body’ Could be the Biggest Lie Ever Told – How Government Helps Big Dairy Sell Milk

The lies perpetuated by the dairy industry…

‘Got milk?’ is one of the biggest and long-running marketing campaigns that has ever existed in the U.S.

The campaign has been supported by many famous personalities over the years, the message, as they smilingly wipe the residue off their top lip, is that this glass of milk has just provided the drinker with a healthy glass of goodness, good for strong teeth and bones.

But the promise of milk giving you good teeth and bones is eclipsed by all of the other bad side-effects you will get from drinking processed cows milk, but of course, the nasty stuff is strategically left out of the adverts.

Over half of the population of the world is lactose-intolerant meaning that for every glass of milk you drink you are probably doing your gut more harm than good.

Milk has been so heavily promoted because it is cheap and easy to produce. After the war it was given to most school age children due to the fact that there was little else so widely available that had a little nutritional value. This post-war notion that milk is ‘good’ for children has been perpetuated ever since.

Most dairy milk has got some unwanted ingredients that you probably didn’t realize were in there.

Milk is bleached, due to the puss and blood that come from the cow when the milk is forcibly taken, each liter of milk is legally allowed to have a certain amount of pus.

But less talked about is the high levels of chemicals that are found in the milk, pumped into the cows to keep them in a constant state of milking, these chemicals naturally make their way through the cows and into every glass of milk you consume.

Some of the negative health implications relating to drinking milk include and are not limited to allergies, ear infections, Type 1 diabetes, anemia and digestive problems.

The short Vox video below explains more:

Source :  Health Holistic Living