Dwarf Interacting with a Baby Caught on Camera

nyone whose familiar with fairy tales would not forget the tale of Snow White who got seven dwarfs to help her when she escaped her evil stepmother. Since then, Some kids perceives dwarfs as friendly creatures who they can depend on. But this time in a real video, it shows otherwise as the video features a dwarf to be running so fast to avoid recognition from anyone in the house.

The shocking video was said to be recorded in Santa Fe, Argentina. The video was captured by Silvia. She was not anticipating any creepy apparition from any supernatural individual as her only goal that time was to videotape her son’s activity.


According to Sylvia, her son named Benjamin was playing and had a habit of talking with someone in the hallway. The family of Benjamin noticed it numerous times but they did not thought anything strange about it. They only decided to film his activity out of curiosity. But to their shock, a “dwarf” appeared at the back of Benjamin, The “dwarf” kept running so quick to avoid detection from the family members.

Watch the Video: