Girl, 3, Is Viciously Beaten By Her Mother Who Lifts Her By Her HAIR

Girl, three, is viciously beaten by her mother who lifts her by her HAIR and kicks her to the ground because she couldn’t find her tablet and blamed the child

  • Mother in Bahia Blanca, Argentina, accused child of stealing her tablet
  • Video shows her lifting the child up by her hair and then kicking her hard
  • Local media reports child and siblings have been removed by social services

Three children have been taken into care in Argentine after horrific footage emerged of their mother abusing one of them in their home.

It shows the eldest child, a girl aged three, being lifted up by her hair and kicked in the back by her mother who accuses her of losing her tablet computer.

The video was filmed by an unknown witness in their home in the city of Bahia Blanca, in the eastern Argentina province of Buenos Aires.

The video starts with the mother smacking the child repeatedly as she accuses the girl of ‘stealing’ her tablet computer.

The woman is heard screaming at the tot: ‘Why don’t you remember where you left the things?

‘Give me the tablet, you had it here over the table when I arrived here. Give it to me because I will kill you.’

The girl starts to sob and cowers, clearly terrified, as her mother continues the abusive attack.

The unnamed mother then first lifts the child by up by her hair, and then kicks her hard in the back.

The video was uploaded to Facebook where it was widely shared, and social services has since reportedly stepped in.

The three-year-old along with her two younger siblings, have since been removed from the home by authorities and they are now under the care of social services while an investigation is launched.

It is not known if the mother has been arrested or charged over the abuse.