Man Discovers A Treasure Chest In The Forest With His Metal Detector

The prospect of finding hidden treasures is one that captivates adults and children alike. Regardless if it’s in a cardboard box or an old-fashioned treasure chest, there’s something about finding a hidden container that can be really fascinating.

In this clip, a man finds a pretty large, but rather hidden, treasure chest by metal detecting in the middle of a forest in the Netherlands.

When he removed the dirt and leaves from the top part of the stone container that the chest had been placed in, you could tell that he wasn’t expecting to find this big of a treasure.

Finally, after reveling in the beauty of this mystical chest, he opens this beautiful treasure chest and realizes that he’s discovered a geocache site.

He’s uncovered one of the many hidden geocaches in the world. Each geocache holds the information a geocacher will need to play.

Geocaching is known as an outdoor recreational activity in finding hidden treasure while using a GPS or a mobile device. Each geocache contains a logbook in which a geocacher can log the date and sign in.

This modern form of treasure hunting is perfect for hikers, people who enjoy metal detecting, and really, anyone who has a pretty strong sense of adventure.