Mafia Warns Pope Francis: Stop Forgiving Pedophile Priests

The Mafia has responded to the Pope’s suggestion that members of the crime family should be excommunicated from the Catholic Church by warning him to stop forgiving pedophile priests.

The infamous crime syndication has stated that if priests who are caught raping children deserve a second chance then so do they. Head of one of the prominent elite Mafia families, Giovanni Gambino, pointed out that Pope Francis had forgiven priests in South America who were guilty of pedophilia.

The Mafia unofficially protects the Vatican from ISIS, and Gambino warned that without that protection, ISIS could “overrun the Vatican and turn it into a mosque within 15 years”. According to Catholic Online, The mafia in Italy engages in a variety of criminal enterprises including drug trafficking, human trafficking, extortion, and corruption.

Such activities are profitable and increase their power, but they harm countless others, many of whom are innocent of wrongdoing.Hollywood movies portray the mafia as familial organizations, brutal to outsiders and those who are disloyal, but loving and traditional when it comes to their own families.

They are portrayed as abiding by a code of ethics and honor that is stringently upheld despite their criminal nature. Such depictions are romanticized, and actual members of the mafia run the gamut from godfather to simple thug.

The harm caused by the mafia likely outweighs any good they do, such as protecting the Vatican from ISIS.Giovanni Gambino, the son of a prominent mafia elite, spoke out against the possibility that Pope Francis may excommunicate members of the mafia.Many members of the mafia are Catholic and traditionally conservative.

Gambino pointed out that Pope Francis forgives pedophile priests in South America. He asked that members of the mafia be given a second chance too. He warned that without mafia protection, ISIS could overrun the Vatican and turn it into a mosque within 15 years.

Gambino also spoke out against the influx of refugees and illegal immigrants into Sicily. It should be noted that pedophile priests can be forgiven, but that does not mean they are free from the consequences of their actions. Such people belong in prison. The same goes for members of the mafia who commit crimes. These people can be forgiven, but there are also consequences.

Excommunication is the most severe penalty the Church can impose upon a person. It restricts a person from the blessings of Church Society.An excommunicated person cannot participate in Church activities, such as communion, marriage, Christian burial, and so on.

In the run up to her 2016 US Presidential election race, Hillary Clinton met with Mafia heir Gambino who asked for his drug kingpin father to be released early from prison in exchange for votes. The former First Lady met Giovanni Gambino, the son of Francesco ‘Ciccio’ Gambino and the cousin of Carlo Gambino – the boss of the notorious crime family and one-time head of the American Mafia – while she was campaigning in the presidential primary in 2007.

The Democratic front runner spoke to the crime author, who made headlines for saying he would protect New York from ISIS, at one of his pizzerias in Charleston, South Carolina.

The 41-year-old’s father, who was serving a 30-year prison sentence at the time, suggested he contact Clinton to see if she could help with his early release through a presidential pardon.