Lady Gaga Made A Cake On Her Sister’s B’Day And Gordon Ramsay Humiliated It On Twitter

As we all know, Gordon Ramsey can go a little too overboard and morbid with his savageness. After all, he’s known for being aggressively hard on his kitchen staff. In this particular instance, he isn’t really the friendliest chef in the market. So, what happens when Lady Gaga bakes a cake?

Gordon Ramsey jumps in, of course!

This is a picture of the cake she baked.

This is another picture of the cake that was baked by Gaga and also savagely dissed by Gordon Ramsey.

I bet no other cakes have ever gotten this much attention. Look at those sprinkles blushing!

Another picture of the cake. Just that this time Gaga is holding it.

At this point, things got real.

She baked this cake for her sister last August. Fast forward to October this year; a random fan posted a
picture of the cake for Gordon Ramsay to judge.

And that escalated quickly.

source: rearfront