How to remove excess fat on your stomach?

excess fat at stomach

The question how to lose surplus body weight is very frequent these days. A lot of people have tried numerous ways, but nothing was helpful. If sit-ups, cutting of calories, fat burners, excess cardio, etc. were not helpful at all, then there is a need for another approach. Moreover, you will not need supplements, surgery, or sit-ups, just follow these several advises:

1.    Avoid crunches

Although they strengthen the belly muscles, they will not help you get rid of the fat. In fact, you are only losing time and effort doing daily crunches. And, they can also lead to lower back ache, slouching shoulders, and forward head posture. Even though the Reverse Crunch does not cause such problems, spot reduction is only a myth.

2.    Become stronger

Strength training builds muscle mass, stops muscle loss and encourages fat loss. The Squat and Deadlift are the ones aimed to achieve this. Both the lower back and abdomen muscles are engaged during Heavy Squats and Deadlifts to keep you from weight collapse.

  • Squats and Deadlift will work on all your body muscles. What’s more, this will help you be stronger and build muscle fast, including the abdomen muscles. Although the Squats and Deadlifts do not directly influence belly fat loss, they will strengthen your abdomen muscles and decrease your waist size.

3.    Healthy nutrition

Even though you exercise, you will not be able to lose belly fat if you do not consume healthy foods. Therefore stop consuming processed foods, and include more: proteins, veggies, fruits, fats, and carbohydrates. However, consuming 4 junk meals per week, if you have 6 meals per day, could help you lose belly fat by maintaining your hormones sharp.