How can it be possible!!! Perhaps people have no time for life.

This experiment by Washington Post and Joshua Bell proves human’s priorities drive them…


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A man sat at a metro station in Washington DC and started to play the violin on a cold January morning.

He played six pieces for about an hour during the rush hour.

More than 1000 people went pass him hurriedly towards their work place.

After almost 5 minutes, a middle aged man saw there was some music being played but didn’t stop as he was getting late probably.

A few moments later, the musician got his first tip; by a woman, while walking.

Most attention was paid by a 3 year old boy but was tagged along by mom, but still turning his head to see the musician.

In total music playing duration, just half a dozen people stopped by for a while and just 20 people gave him a tip.

In total, he got $32. No one noticed him, no one applauded when he finished playing.

The musician was Joshua Bell, one of the most gifted musicians in the world.

He had played one of the most complicated pieces ever written but no one bothered.

Even the violin he played on was worth $3.5 million dollars!

Just a couple of days before this, Bell sold out at a Boston theater where seats averaged $100!

This real story of Bell playing in disguise in the subway station was arranged by Washington Post to know about perception, experience, and priority of people. As a part of a social experiment, the conditions were: Whether in a routine environment at an inappropriate hour; do humans recognize beauty and stop to welcome it?

One of the most interesting conclusions from this experience:

If we cannot stop for a moment and listen to the best music ever written by one of the most talented musicians in the world then how many other things are we missing in our daily lives!

Think hard and from deep within your heart. If that makes sense to you, share and let others know about it too…