The Future Of Micro Drones Could Get Downright Scary

This is a probable future of Micro Drones…

It’s been many years since the reports of insect sized micro drones began coming out around the world.


Vanessa Alarcon attended a 2007 anti-war protest when she was in college in Washington, D.C. where she first heard someone screaming, “Oh God, look at this.”

The Washington Post cited her saying “I looked up to say- ‘What on earth is that?’”. “They seemed to be little helicopters or even dragonflies. But those were not insects,” she said.

An attorney present there too confirmed that they seemed like dragonflies, but “not at all insects”.
And he’s possibly right.

Flight International, in 2006, informed that CIA was developing micro UAVs since as early as 1970s and also contained a mock-up in its headquarters at Langley since 2003.

Alan Lovejoy, an ex- software engineer, says- ‘though we can list these as swarming nano drones, roach bots, coordinated MIT robots, etc. but the future of these nano drones might even turn out to be more unsettling.
Alan found this mosquito drone mock up by CGI having a ‘skill’ to obtain DNA samples or a potential to inject objects under the skin.

Lovejoy says- ‘such gadget is fitted with a microphone and a camera and can be managed from a vast distance to make it land on any person. It can also inject a micro RFID tracking machine or apply its needle to take DNA sample of a person while causing only mosquito bite pain.’

It could simply fly in a building from a window or could directly land on you so that you can take it to your home. There are several well-funded study projects to make such capabilities filled devices.