Before and after change


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This is Valeria Lukyanova from Ukraine- famous around the world as “the living Barbie”. Her childhood dolls inspired her to actualize her doll like appearance!


Her size

She is 5’7” tall and weighs just 45kg or 99 lbs. A real Barbie would only be 39-18-33 inches. But her measurements come in at only is 34.5-18.5-34.5 inches!


Plastic surgery

She had only one breast implant done to perfect the look.


Natural shape

Valeria says her body is completely natural and she goes daily to the gym.

Her special diet

She was on a liquid only diet for four consecutive months to detox before deviating to a water diet- to maintain her waistline!


Special eye lens

She says that her face is her own natural one and does heavy makeup. But her blue coloured contact lenses on her natural green eyes enhances iris.

Her favorite pastime

She frequently hikes to the mountains with her husband. She also does meditation and thinks that she has come from another universe; with no need of food!


New diets

She prefers a vegetarian diet- mostly blended raw fruits and vegetables shakes- for a slim waist.

Why choose only Barbie?

She was fascinated by Barbie and made it her idol. She also had in excess of 50 different dolls.

Before becoming Barbie

She considers herself a typical teenager- party going, smoking, and boozing. She even attempted suicide once. She also has a master’s degree from the Odessa State Academy of Constructions and Architecture, Ukraine.


Ms. Diamond Crown

Unique beauty

In 2007, she was a part of a beauty pageant of those with plastic surgery done- “Ukrainian Diamond Crown”- where she clinched the title of Ms. Diamond Crown!


Personal life

Valeria presently works as a photo shoot model. She lives a comfortable life with her husband- Dmitry Shkrabov- a Ukrainian business man. They prefer to be away from “animal urges” like love making, procreation, overeating, etc. Both of them think that they come from another universe!


Her routine

Mainly, she works as a photo shoot model, loves to surf the internet all day, and also teaches at the school of out of body travel.