Girl Frozen For 500 years


Is the perfect MUMMY on earth?

We are talking about this girl who was found after being frozen for 500 years!

Yes, 500!

Scientists have named her “Juanita”:

  • She was believed to be killed to offer to the Inca gods
  • That could be around 1450
  • She could be between 10 and 15 years old at her death
  • Juanita is said to be the perfectly preserved mummy ever to have been found.
  • All her internal organs are intact
  • Best thing is that the blood is still available in her heart and lungs
  • Even her garments were well-preserved.
  • Juanita’s facial as well as skin features are mostly unharmed.
  • She looks like a sleeping kid.
  • Her mummified body was discovered in Mount Ampato, southern Peru.
  • There are a couple more mummies found with her of a young woman and young man.
  • At present, Juanita is on display at a museum in Arequipa, Peru.

Isn’t that simply amazing in itself?!