These facts prove who the real Columbus was!


This photo is of an old painting during the time of Columbus which shows how his men slaughtered the Natives…

·Many people are against the holiday in the name of Columbus

·Rather want the Columbus Day to be abolished and true history be exposed to the public.

This is because:

·The real reason why Columbus was ‘sailing the ocean blue’ was because he had raped a 13 year old daughter of a Spanish Duchess!

·They were unable to kill him, which is why Queen Isabella sent him on a mission they never thought he would return from!

·On PUBLIC RECORD, it is mentioned that he rewarded his soldiers by giving the Native Americans to them to rape and cut their body parts…

·When he reached ashore, he was greeted by the Arawak Native Americans with smiles and food!

·By 1496, the colonizers were accountable for more than 30 million Native American deaths!

Now you can decide whether to give this mass murderer a holiday or celebration…

It is an insult to MILLIONS of Native Americans.

This is not what they taught us in schools about him!?

Sugar coated stories about him never let any of us seek the real facts about him!

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