FOOD ‘Iron Stomach’: Woman Ingests 152 Metals over the Past 14 Years, Thinking It’d Help Iron Deficiency

Iron is an essential mineral. It helps to form red blood cells that transport oxygen to all parts of the body. Without sufficient iron, we would easily feel fatigue.

Spinach is one vegetable that contains high iron mineral but an elderly Russian woman thought that by ingesting raw iron, such as nails, would instead directly remedy her iron deficiency. What?!

The 74-year-old woman, known as Nina, was found to have 152 metal objects in her stomach because she believed eating them would improve her iron levels.

She was admitted to a hospital in Ulan-Ude, about 230km north of Mongolian border in south-east Russia. When she came in, her body was experiencing high temperature but medical staff were more shocked by what they discovered after an X-rays scan.


The doctors found more than 152 ‘alien objects’ jammed inside her system. As they scrutinize on the scan, they found silhouettes of long nails, large screws, bolts, a door catch and scrap metals up to 15cm in length.

She told the doctors that she suffered from anaemia, thinking that eating metal objects would help her iron deficient.

The lady admitted that she started eating metal as far back as 14 years ago.


‘No-one apart from her knows how long these objects have been inside her,’ said a source at the Semashko Republic Regional Hospital.

Fortunately, the doctors said there were no serious injuries to her stomach or throat and her life is not under threat. However, the woman is still under stringent surveillance in the hospital.


Here is the endoscopy video of the woman’s body prior the surgery. Be warned that the video could be extremely graphic to some.

So guys, please don’t go eating literal minerals thinking they would give your ultimate nourishment. That’s not how it works. Potassium is in banana, not the one found in a lab. Same goes to zinc, chloride, magnesium, sulfur, chromium and many more. Nutrition doesn’t work that way.