15 Small Things Attractive Girls Do Differently To Reel You In

Have you ever noticed that attractive women just seem to have their sh*t together and exude not only confidence, but also a zest for life? There is just something about them that draws us in and makes us want to be friends with them. What do those attractive women that we see all over Instagram have in common? Believe it or not, there are things that attractive women are doing differently in their lives that regular girls just don’t do. Not only are these things changing their lives for the better, but they also make themselves more approachable and attractive to men. Attractive women go to great lengths to be the women that they are and they certainly never apologize for it. Sometimes, it’s like they aren’t even trying.


There are many examples of attractive and confident women out there so what makes them this way? We may even know some of them, whether it be a friend, a family member, or someone that we work with. These women ooze confidence that practically makes them glow on the outside. What are they doing that regular girls aren’t doing? Well, we are going to crack the code on that. These are the women that we admire from afar and secretly wish we either were or were with. You know what we’re talking about. These attractive women are capable of drawing us in and making us want to know what their secret is. Check out these 15 small things that attractive women do differently.

15. They Are Happy

It’s so simple, and yet it’s insanely true. Happy people live longer, look younger, and practically glow from the inside out. There is certainly a difference in temperament between a regular girl and an attractive girl. Happy girls are definitely more attractive and it shows in everything that they do. When an attractive girl is happy, it shows all over her face. When she sees you, she will be oozing happiness as she tells you all about what’s going on. She just seems excited to do anything. These girls aren’t only walking around with confidence they have a bloody bounce in their step. Happy girls aren’t standoffish and they certainly aren’t boring. These are the girls that will attract men because they aren’t boring and they happen to be a lot of fun to be around. Who wouldn’t want to be one of these girls?

14. They Have A Purpose And They Embrace It

Attractive women usually have a purpose in life and they are already embracing it. They are passionate about something and they know exactly how to use their skills to get whatever they want whether it’s in their personal lives or their professional ones. They might be passionate about their careers or the new art class they are taking, either way, they are going at it full steam ahead. Attractive girls always know their strengths, it’s all part of why they are so confident. So, they put themselves in positions where their skills will flourish. They do not focus on their weaknesses because those things don’t matter to them. It’s all about embracing your purpose in life and running with it. All women have imperfections and attractive women are aware of theirs as well, but they acknowledge their mistakes and move on towards a greater purpose.

13. They Never Complain About Their Bodies

Attractive women will never be the ones that are looking in the mirror saying they hate themselves nor are they asking their boyfriends if their jeans make them look fat. That’s one of the reasons why guys find them so attractive. They aren’t complaining because they are too busy getting compliments on how amazing they look. Guys love attractive girls that are confident. Nothing makes a girl more unattractive than when she is judging herself. Trust us if a guy is with you it’s because he likes you and probably doesn’t even notice all the imperfections that you see in yourself. If you are always complaining about your body, your guy might start to wonder what he’s doing with you. Attractive women don’t behave that way and that’s why they have men on their arms that at times even seem out of their league.

12. They Give Themselves Pep Talks


Attractive women aren’t immune to self-doubt, that stuff happens to all of us. But it’s what they do in those moments where self-doubt appears that makes the difference. When it comes to things like work presentations or working through fights, these girls know how to boost their confidence by giving them a self-love pep talk. These girls will either affirm how amazing they are while looking in the mirror or maybe they will go out and get a new outfit to wear during their presentation. Either way, these girls have rituals that make them appreciate the awesomeness of who they are. Michelle Obama was once asked by Women’s Health what helped her with her self-confidence and she said, “Well, sometimes I give myself a break. So, I will retreat a moment from the fray, just to breathe. Because what I’ve learned is that my immediate reaction cannot be the deciding reaction.”

11. They Rarely Complain

Part of being happy and content with yourself and life is to avoid complaining at all times. It’s just negativity that can only bring poison into our lives. Attractive girls are rarely found complaining about anything and it’s not because they are bathing in champagne all the time. If you’ve been around someone who complains all the time, then you know how unattractive it can be. Truthfully people don’t want to be around someone who just complains, it’s depressing and it brings the whole room down. Instead of complaining about the things in your life, why not do something to fix it so that you can be a happier person. That’s the fastest way to becoming a more attractive woman. You want to be the life of the party, not someone that brings everyone down.

10. They Enjoy Being Alone

Attractive women don’t have to have boyfriends nor do they have to have a room full of people surrounding them. Attractive people are more than fine with being on their own at times and even enjoy their own company. Attractive women don’t mind curling up on the couch alone with a cup of tea and a good book. Enjoying alone time is also very healthy, it’s a way for you to relax and rejuvenate yourself from a day at work. Don’t get us wrong, these women love spending time with friends and family too, but they know that it’s important to have “me” time as well. When it comes to “me” time, attractive women take it seriously, too; they want to indulge themselves and even be a queen for the day. That might mean going to a bar and ordering champagne or going to the spa for the day.

9. They Don’t Buy Into The Media

What we mean by this is that attractive women don’t care what the media deems as the perfect example of a woman’s body. They know they’re awesome and that’s all that matters to them. These women refuse to let the media decide what they should look like. They’re not having it. Attractive women don’t worry about being stick thin; they just want to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Jennifer Lawrence is one girl that has no problem telling people off if they even mention the word diet. “I think when it comes to the media, the media needs to take responsibility for the effect that it has on our younger generation, on these girls that are watching these television shows and picking up how to talk and how to be cool.” She doesn’t mess around and that’s what attractive women do differently.

8. They Dress Up

Seriously, we know it sounds too easy and even a little bit stupid, but it’s true. Women that wear dresses just look so much more attractive. Maybe it’s because they get to show off their long legs or that the dress hugs their bottom perfectly. We’re not sure what the reason is, but attractive girls are always wearing dresses and we love it. Do these women look great in pants and other outfits? Absolutely, but there is just something about a girl in a dress that is always going to turn more heads. Our bodies are just made for dresses and attractive girls love showing off their beautiful figures.

7. They Never Take Things Personally

Taking things too personally is no way to live, and attractive women find it easy just to let certain things go. They let life just roll off their shoulders because they aren’t going to let a bad day or moment ruin their vibe. Confident and attractive women are always looking for the silver lining because they know it’s pointless to dwell on bad things. They don’t wallow or pity themselves ever. None of us can control the people around us, so there isn’t any point in taking things personally. Maya Angelou spoke on how important it is not to focus on the little things, “I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.” No truer words were ever spoken.


6. They Show Kindness

We know that not every attractive woman out there is filled with kindness, but those girls aren’t the ones in this article. True attractive and confident females not only show kindness to others but are kind people down to their core. There is nothing more attractive on the planet than a beautiful woman who has a heart of gold. You probably know a few of them because meeting them is life-changing. You almost expect pretty girls to be catty or self-involved, but when you meet an attractive woman that is also kind, you can’t help but want to be around her all the time because she’s amazing. There is nothing more unattractive to a man or anyone really then to see a pretty girl be mean to a waitress or to chew out a sales clerk. Seeing things like that are eye-opening because you are seeing someone’s true colors.

5. They Are Interested In Fulfilling Lives

Attractive girls are always out there looking for new ways to make their life awesome. One of the ways that they do this is to ask empowering questions. They want to always improve and be better humans; they don’t just want to be another common girl. When something bad happens in their lives, they don’t sit there and say, “Why me?” They don’t because they know those thoughts will never bring anything good into their lives. They don’t allow negative thoughts to troll around in their brains. Instead, they ask themselves empowering questions that can help them grow instead of beating themselves up. They ask themselves the question, “What do I need to do to be happier in life?” Once they figure that out, then they do whatever it takes to move beyond the present to make things better.

4. They Are Great In Bed


Women who are great in bed are usually uninhibited and don’t mind trying new things. The difference between attractive women and regular women is that attractive women don’t demand that the light is turned off in the bedroom before they will take their clothes off. They understand that their needs are just as important as their partner’s. You can be the greatest girl in the world, but if your bedroom life is lacklustre, then it’s going to be hard for anyone to be happy. It’s okay to go after what you want in the bedroom because that confidence is very attractive.

3. They Are Selfless

Attractive women believe it or not aren’t sitting around thinking about themselves. Attractive women not only want to take care of their friends and family, but they also want to know what they can do to better the world around them. Attractive women are always looking for ways that they can use their strengths for the good of all mankind. First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt was all about fighting for human rights and she was known as the “First Lady of the World” because she was self-assured in everything that she did. Confident women are always self-assured and they go after what they want. A common trait of attractive women is that they are beautiful on the inside, not just the outside. They are selfless because they know what gifts they have and they want to share those gifts with the world.

2. They Are Encouraging

No one likes to be beaten down by anything. When it comes down to a mistake that we’ve made, all we want is a little encouragement to get us going again. Attractive women are always encouraging people because they believe in others and they don’t have a problem showing it. Nothing is more unattractive to a guy then a girl who nags him all the time, especially about a problem he is having. Attractive girls always offer their men an ear to listen and they encourage them to continue moving forward. It’s not our jobs to tell our men the best course of action because we don’t want to hear that ourselves. Encourage them to be the best that they can do and they’ll figure out a way around their problem without us nagging them into an idea.

1. They Keep Secrets

There is nothing more unattractive about a woman who is gossiping about everyone. People just end up thinking badly about those women. Attractive women know how to keep their personal lives private without gushing about every private moment on social media. They keep their couple secrets and the things that their friends tell them in confidence. Attractive women are not only confident, but they are classy as well. They don’t dish on things that are none of their business and they would never betray a friend by spilling their secrets. Your man wants to believe that you are on the same team, so he doesn’t really find it cool if his lady is telling everyone their personal details. Attractive women have people flocking to them because they know they can be trusted and they are genuinely good people.

Source : therichest.com