5 FITNESS APPS that help you become FIT and Excel your fitness goal

If you are in a mission of achieving your desire fitness goal like want to lose some pounds, monitor calorie intake or want workout ideas, there are some amazing fitness apps, which will keep you motivated to attain your goal by checking progress daily and staying you on track. Moreover, you can link up with your fitness coach, cheer you on and add a target to the process by simply downloading the apps.


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1. Argus
This app is absolutely free! Argus app can keep you on track by monitoring your weight, food, hydration, workouts, sleep and other activities too. This app applies GPS mapping of running, cycling, driving and even keeps track of your drinking ingredients, such as water, tea and coffee. With this Argus app, no need to have a pedometer to know how long you walked daily.

2. Fitbit
This app is free but you may need one activity tracker like the Fitbit Force and Fitbit Flex, which are the best trackers among others. Still there is nothing to be worried, because this app can help you reach your fitness target without having a tracker too. Without a tracker, you can use Fitbit app to monitor your weight, calculate your calorie intake, and trace your blood pressure and level of glucose.

3. GAIN Fitness Cross Trainer
This app is free, but offers plenty of wonderful features from tracking your workout progress to setting alarms for your exercise session. You will get a massive variety of workout routines for nothing from yoga to strength training. This app is well value checking out. You will get limitless workout selection and top training instruction by paying only around $5 – $10.

4. PumpUp
PumpUp is a startling fitness coach. This app will help you to stay motivated by showing your progress results along the way. You just need to set your fitness goal, skill level and equipment, and then the app will form a custom workout for you. The PumpUp app offers complete directions to over 500 exercises, voice instruction and instance breaks too.

5. Sworkit Pro
Cosider this Sworkit Pro app, if you are searching for circuit-training workouts. This app will take you through 30-second breaks that you will need to try and keep up. You just need to choose, which part of your body you want to train up and for how long. Start working out with the Sworkit Pro app’s endless options from stretching and yoga to strength training and cardio. The Sworkit Pro app is worth only the .99 cents.
source:  womanitely   viralnewsworld