These foods Damage your Memory and Brain power adversely! Are you also eating them!

Consuming a high carbohydrate and high fat diet caused of inflammation in the male brain. The negative impact of high fat food seems to be linked to inflammation in the brains, according to a research that published in Cell Reports.

One reason of inflammation in the hypothalamus is palmitic acid, a drenched fatty acid found in meat, palm oil, dairy products and in high fat foods. It has originated in previous research.

Consuming a burger and coke may be more detrimental for men than women, according to new research that was led by Dr Deborah Clegg at University of Texas Southwestern Medical Centre, Dallas, USA and now working at Cedars-Sinai Medical Centre, Los Angeles, USA. Clegg was constructing on existing research that linked brain inflammation with obesity and heart disease in male mice.

The study team fed the both male and female mice either a high fat diet or normal diet. After 16 weeks, they looked the male mice on the high fat- junk food diet and found markers of inflammation in the male brains. On the other side, they didn’t find markers of inflammation in the hypothalamuses of female mice on the high fat- junk food diet.

“It completely surprised us. It was shocking that we didn’t see the inflammation,” says Clegg.

They also originated that the female mice on the junk food diet were less likely than male mice to turn into glucose-intolerant and to have weaken heart function. The team revealed that a significant type of oestrogen receptor was shielding the female brain from inflammation.

The fact fits nicely with the premenopausal women, who suffer from less effects of obesity than men, including heart disease and diabetes, because they have high level of oestrogen. But they are no longer protected when they reach menopause.

Another astonish result was that the male and female brains are unlike considering their fatty acid opus, even when contrasting between male and female mice on the normal diet.

“It was striking. The male brain more mirrors the composition of the fatty acids in the diet they consumed. The female brain doesn’t.”

“We found there was more palmitic acid and that ceramide levels were higher in the male brain. And linoleic acid was absolutely missing in the male brain but was elevated in the female brain.” said Clegg.

She said that this is a primary study where the differences in brain fat composition have been distinguished in the two sexes, now she plans to see whether the results apply to human male and female. Up to then, we have to wait to see what happen next when the same process applies to humans.
Source: abc   discovery