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Can You Spot Your Name In This Puzzle?


So you answered all the Christmas cracker riddles, smashed your nearest and dearest at your annual game of Monopoly, but are you really among the smartest people in the world? If like me you were a bit too sozzled to figure out the answers to the contents of your Christmas crackers and see Monopoly as […]

UFO Overtaking Virgin Atlantic Plane At JFK


A man has recorded an eerie video which sparked many speculations about a possible UFO overtaking a Virgin Atlantic plane while it was leaving the ground from the John F. Kennedy International Airport in New York. The video apparently shows a UFO hovering above the Virgin Atlantic plane with a great speed. An amateur plane […]

Car Abducted By Aliens Caught On Security Camera


The fascination of finding concrete evidences to the origin/existence of Aliens or UFO just grows and grows as time goes by. And a viral video uploaded on YouTube may lit more fire to the mind-boggling existence of extraterrestrial beings. The video shows a car on a road that suddenly got lost on the security camera […]

NASA Scientist Speaks Out: There’s Someone Else On The Moon.


It seems that it isn’t a question anymore whether or not there are mysterious ‘Alien’ structures on the moon. In the last couple of years, numerous scientists with verifiable background have come forward speaking about a sinister truth behind Earth’s moon. Ever since the Freedom of Information Act was created, people have become aware that […]

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