20 Signs Showing that Your Relationship is Over

Is your relationship going well or is it time to move on?

Many times you may be stuck in a relationship, despite the fact that you are actually alone simply because you refuse to admit that something is wrong.

“Is that how the end just comes?” will you wonder It’s never that simple. Most of us have faced this dilemma .

Do you think that you are too much, that you are worried that no one else will love you so much, that you do not want to hurt someone you care about, that you are afraid that you will regret it and that you will not be able to win him back?

Have you ever been in a relationship for any of the above reasons? Don’t deny it, you are not alone.

Unfortunately, none of these reasons are enough to stay in a relationship that has reached a dead end. Termination of a relationship can be devastating, but staying in a troubled relationship is certainly not the best option.

Here are 20 signs that it’s time to move on. It will be a difficult decision, but in the end it will be the best solution for both of you. Life is too short to waste valuable years in a relationship that ultimately leads nowhere.

1. You feel the need to spend time alone

It would certainly not make sense for you to want your partner to be by your side every moment, every minute. It’s normal to want to spend some time alone. But if you want to be alone all the time and wish he or she was not on your feet, it is clear that this relationship gives you more frustration than joy.

2. You don’t go out together anymore

Even if you live together, you should never stop going out together. A successful relationship is not only based on love and the hours you silently watch movies with your partner.

3. You prefer to see your friends with your partner

A good relationship presupposes the existence of social relations with and without your other half. It is not normal to want to spend all your time with your friends and not with your partner.

4. Your love life is going through a crisis

Your love affair can go through a crisis for many reasons, such as stress, occupational problems or a health problem. But if you’re no longer attracted to your partner and sex has become chore or stopped altogether, you probably shouldn’t ignore the alarm bell.

5. You have stopped touching each other

The touch between the partners is not only a sign of eroticism but of love and intimacy. Gentle touching, hugging and touching hands are signs of a healthy relationship. If you look down or are upset when he touches you, it’s time for the titles to end in your relationship.

6. You have stopped kissing

Passionate kisses are perhaps the most important part of a relationship, so it’s often the first thing that disappears when the couple moves away. If you no longer enjoy kissing your partner, the end is probably not far off.

7. It doesn’t make you laugh anymore

His / her humor was one of the points that attracted you from the first moment. If you would rather not talk so much, things are rather worrying.

8. You don’t talk anymore

Talking – about trivial things from what he showed on the news to what happened at work – is the basis of a good relationship. When you stop talking to each other about the little things, it’s a sign that you can’t see each other as a friend anymore.

9. The slightest thing bothers you

If you are bothered by everything from the way he drinks his coffee to the color of his shirt, you are no longer in love but in a state of war. And this is especially important: it is precisely this type of daily stress that can harm your health.

10. He / she is bothered by the slightest thing

If your other half seems to be constantly bothered by you, this shows that he is not happy or comfortable with you. He may want to break up but he doesn’t have the courage to put the issue on the table. But if it makes you feel like you can’t do anything right, what’s the point of staying in this relationship?

11. Do all the work yourself

All couples have disagreements about housework but quarrels usually end in compromise. If your partner treats you like a servant, is it time to shake his handkerchief?

12. You don’t care about your appearance

Just because you have a stable relationship doesn’t mean you have to neglect yourself and your appearance. If you no longer care about your appearance and how much you like your partner, the beginning of the end may have come for your relationship.

13. You no longer remember your anniversaries

Anniversaries, birthdays, Valentine’s Day and so on; All of this may seem insignificant, but a loved one usually attaches little importance to it. In other words, you may agree that Valentine’s Day is a purely commercial holiday, but you can still arrange a romantic date. When you get to the point of forgetting even the other person’s birthday, time has probably begun to count down.

14. You have stopped (or have stopped) giving in this relationship

Most relationships go through a stage where one of the two partners is more emotionally generous than the other, but this “lack of balance” should not be permanent. Otherwise things get difficult.

15. You don’t like yourself anymore

The ideal partner is by no means allowed to make you feel unwanted, unattractive, or selfish. If your other half makes you feel this way about your behavior, this relationship alone is not good for you.

16. Your friends believe that this relationship is not good for you

Your friends know better what is good for you and they will tell you what they are thinking without having anything to gain. So, if they think that this person is not doing it for you, listen to their opinion. Your friends will be here for you when he or she is not.

17. Compare your partner with other men or women

It’s natural to find other people attractive, but not to constantly compare your partner with everyone in front of you.

18. You have started thinking about your ex again

It’s nice to be friends with your ex and it definitely shows maturity. But if you start flirting with an ex and arrange to meet with him / her and suddenly find yourself wondering “what would it be like if?”, Your current relationship is doomed.

19. You want to change him / her

After spending the first few months in a pink bubble, something more than the character mismatch has begun to be noticed. But make the decision: you can’t change your partner and turn him or her into someone who will fit in better with you. Ant? of this, find someone who is already perfect for you.

20. You say “I love you” but you don’t mean it

Do you feel guilty when you say “I love you” as if you were lying? Do you say the magic phrase just to feel better? Stop saying things you don’t mean and start devoting more time to someone you really love – starting with yourself.