Chinese ‘Mercy Flight’ to Australia, Quietly Took Back Large Amounts of Baby Milk Formula

The Wuhan virus pandemic is showing China’s dark side to the world. The communist country masquerades as a ‘good samaritan’ country but instead is a vile and a crooked country with twisted beliefs about itself. Reports have come in from Australian media, where last month a plane carrying precious medical supplies cargo from China landed in the down under country on April 8. The privately chartered Suparna flight touched down at Sydney Airport with 70 tonnes of personal protective equipment (PPE) from Wuhan, the epicentre of the COVID-2019 outbreak.

The 500 cubic metres of cargo included one-million face masks, protective gowns, goggles, gloves, shoe covers, antiseptic wipes, and coronavirus testing kits which have been hard to find in some parts of the country. But according to, the Australian Government did not request or accept what was boarded on the plane. And as it turns out, the plane had landed in Australia to not provide ‘humanitarian aid’ but for some vested commercial ventures.

Initially dubbed as a ‘mission of mercy’ by the Chinese to garner sweet PR, the Chinese inflated the prices of the apparatus manifolds and it led to the authorities cancelling the deal which, to begin with, the government did not even know about. Whatever the figure, it was highly inflated, and consequently, the deal did not go ahead, even when Australia desperately needed the PPE kits.

The Australian government did not specify how much the Chinese consortium was asking for the unsolicited cargo that China was seemingly trying to dump in the country. After rejecting China’s supplies, the plane left for its return flight to Wuhan in the early hours of the following morning. However, the aircraft reportedly left with 11,298 tins of Viplus baby formula and 35,000 kilograms of Tasmanian Atlantic salmon on board.

The mystery of aircraft leaving with such massive consignments of baby milk formula and Salmon has surprised many since then. The netizens have been demanding to know why the chartered plane left with the aforementioned commodities when in the wake of the rising Wuhan virus cases, the Baby formula supplies have been threatened in Australia.

Scenes of long queues, panic buying, and even verbal and physical abuse have been captured outside stores seeking to ration purchases of the products. This is where things get a little suspicious. Yuan “Richard” Zuwen, a Chinese expatriate and businessmen based in Sydney and a close-confidant of CCP, who was involved with the consignment declined to give details about the fate of the cargo that arrived on a privately chartered Suparna aircraft in Sydney, when approached by the news agencies. Yuan was the one who hailed the entire rendezvous as a mission of mercy.

The blame for the shortage of Baby formula supplies in Australia has been pinned on Daigou traders. Surprisingly, Yuan Zuwen is the Executive Director of the Australia China Daigou Association. These traders based in Australia turn a profit by buying up products in high demand (Eg: baby milk formula) and then sell them to wealthy consumers living in mainland China. The sophisticated network of Chinese personal shoppers known as daigou source the in-demand baby formula as soon as it hits supermarket shelves.

China has a huge market for foreign baby formulas as twelve years ago, 300,000 children in China were poisoned after drinking infant milk formula that contained melamine, a chemical used in plastic. Six babies were killed by the toxic substance, which was used by 22 companies to artificially boost the protein levels that showed up in nutrition tests.

Since then the domestic producers have seen a dip in their fortunes and consumption of their products as the Chinese stopped purchasing baby milk formulas from the local suppliers.
In turn, the Australian brand baby formula has become a highly sought after product in China over the last ten years. China’s thirst for the baby powder has in past led to the Diagou syndicates resorting to all kinds of malice practices to hoard the supplies.

According to a Daily Mail report–a small business park in Melbourne has emerged as ground zero to export the highly-sought-after baby milk formula to China on an industrial scale in the wake of the Wuhan virus pandemic.

China has already ransacked the down under country of Australia. Reported earlier, China in total hoarded more than two billion masks and 25 million pieces of protective clothing by importing from overseas countries between January 24 and February 29 before the Wuhan virus outbreak reached pandemic levels. The majority of this medical equipment was hoarded from Australia.

Lately, Australia has been leading the crusade against China for an independent international inquiry over Beijing’s role in the spread of the virus. Therefore, it is ludicrous and suspicious at the same time when China sends unsolicited supplies to the country at an inflated price and when rejected, whizzes off with the highly-controversial baby milk formula exports.