Can You Spot Your Name In This Puzzle?

So you answered all the Christmas cracker riddles, smashed your nearest and dearest at your annual game of Monopoly, but are you really among the smartest people in the world?

If like me you were a bit too sozzled to figure out the answers to the contents of your Christmas crackers and see Monopoly as a barely subtle approach of glorifying the ultra-capitalistic hegemony to our under-fives, you probably spent this festive period looking towards social media for any form of gratification, social, political or otherwise.

Which is bleeding good news, because there’s been one of them brain trainer type things that were quite cool a while back, and it’s got folk scratching their heads. Me too, but that’s probably because of the psoriasis brought on by an excessive diet of Guinness and Cornish pasties in the last week.

The quiz designed by Try Life works on the simple basis of your classic wordsearch. The 13 x 11 grid contains *grabs calculator* 143 letters. All you’ve got to do is find your name. Easy.

Well, not so easy. They say only the top eight per cent of people will solve it, and that will put you alongside the smartest people in the world.


We all know what we think of experts nowadays. Anyways, have a crack at this dastardly task below and then when you get it, share to all your friends, because no matter how smart anyone is nowadays, unless everyone else knows about it you might as well be the smartest man in the hot dog van on the A30.

Brains at the ready…


How did you do? Are you now reading this after scrolling down to see what the solution was?

If you are, you’re not alone, that’s exactly what I’d do. And look at me, I got a job at UNILAD, there’s hope for you yet.

If you got it then well done you. Go and do a dance and show off your big brain to all in your vicinity. If you didn’t get it and you’re still struggling the answer is below. And vicinity means surrounding area. Who said we don’t know big words here.

And kick yourself in 3, 2, 1…


Maybe for your New Year’s resolution you should try to cut down on being such an arrogant know-it-all.

Source : Unilad