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Marijuana’s Long Term Effects On The Brain Finally Revealed!


Up until now, the long term effects of marijuana were largely a matter of opinion. Now, looking at the science can finally provide some real answers. The biggest question surrounding marijuana use, particularly by those who try to justify it being labeled a very dangerous and harmful drug, is the potential negative effects of long […]

Four secrets to staying fit and slim from Japanese women


If you want to look fit and feel good you need to remember these following four essential rules. 1. If you exercise like a sumo wrestler, you will look like a sumo wrestler. Sumo wrestlers don’t eat breakfast. In the morning they immediately start doing power training, then they have a huge lunch, and after that they go to sleep. Then they wake up and repeat […]

40 incredible facts about your eyes that you never imagined were true


We think nothing of tiring our eyes out everyday by staring intently at the computer screen from morning to night. We forget that our eyes are an extremely delicate, and totally unique, organ, which scientists have yet to fully understand the complexity of. Take a look at some of these incredible facts about the eye — and don’t forget to let yours rest once in a while! The pupil of your eye […]

What You Need to Know About Pain Management


According to the British Pain Society, almost 10 million Britons suffer chronic pain on a daily basis, which not only has a major impact on their quality of life, but it can leave them constantly searching for a pain management plan that will get them back on their feet, and provide the long-term relief that […]

6.8 Million Americans Suffer From Anxiety. Do YOU Know The Signs?


For instance, waiting for medical results — like those that can detect whether we have a thyroid problem — is completely nerve-wracking. So is speaking in front of an audience, confronting someone about a problem, or even going on a date. But for many of us, once we tackle these difficult situations, our nerves calm and we can happily […]

Simple Vitamin Stops Cancer Cell Growth?


Vitamin k is a group name for a number of related compounds. Each one serves an essential purpose in the prevention of cancer. Vitamin K1 and K2 are the two natural forms of the vitamin – which can target cancer at multiple stages of development. Researchers have shown the distinct ways that vitamin K2 stops the […]

This is How To Eat Right For Your Blood Type


Numerous people constantly try various kinds of diet in the struggle to lose weight. Yet, different diet work for different individuals, and finding the food plan that works for you is not the easiest task and requires a lot of time.  Your personality is significantly determined by your gestures, daily routines, habits, and facial expressions. […]

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