Day: 3

The Hidden World Under Antarctica: Researchers Reveal What Lies Beneath the Ice

Researchers have revealed what actually lies under the western parts of the icy continent of Antarctica. There is a hidden world under Antarctica, in a new study, researchers have shown giant ‘wetlands’ 800 metres beneath the Ice in western Antarctica. Thanks to the Whillans Ice Stream Subglacial Access Research Drilling (WISSARD) project financed by the

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10 Ancient Cities You’ve Probably Never Heard About Before

When you discuss ‘ancient cities’ with someone, the first ancient settlements to come up are probably ‘Teotihuacan,’ ‘Machu Picchu,’ ‘Tiahuanaco’ and ‘Pompeii’ among others. However, while these are some of the most incredible ancient cities on the surface of our planet, the truth is that three ar countless other ancient cities that many have never

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Climate Change Is Here: Inside the Summer of Hell and High Water

Southern California was ready to burn. El Niño rains that topped off reservoirs in the north of the state barely drizzled down south, leaving the region in a worst-in-centuries drought. By June, tree die-off in state forests, accelerated by bark beetles feasting on dry pines, had more than doubled from 2015, topping 66 million. Record

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