Day: 21

Watch As Two Elephants Save A Calf From Drowning In Zoo Pool

Amazing footage from Grand Park Zoo in Seoul, South Korea shows two adults elephants rescuing a baby elephant from a pool in their enclosure. One adult is standing with the calf when it accidentally falls into the deep end of the pool. Immediately, both elephants become frantic. They pace along the side of the pool

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Afghan Opium Production 40 Times Higher Since US – NATO Invasion

Since the U.S.-led NATO invasion of Afghanistan in 2001, the production of opium in the country has increased by 40 times according to Russia’s Federal Drug Control Service, fueling organized crime and widespread death. The head of the FSKN, Viktor Ivanov, explained the staggering trend at a March U.N. conference on drugs in Afghanistan. Opium

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Hell On Earth: Horrors Of North Korea’s Brutal Torture Camps

  Beatings, rape, starvation and sick public executions are a daily reality for thousands of North Koreans, according to years of witness testimony. Now, the death of Otto Warmbier has brought fresh scrutiny to the regime’s brutal torture camps under leader Kim Jong Un. The 22-year-old student passed away from mysterious brain damage he suffered

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