Causes and Cure of common warts.

Most unique causes of common warts!

• Warts are caused by the human papillomavirus (HPV).
• There are more than 100 types of HPV and several more types of the virus that cause different types of warts.
• Most HPVs cause relatively harmless conditions like common warts, while others cervix cancer.

• Wart viruses pass from person to person.
• A person can also get the wart virus even by a towel used by someone with the virus.
• Each person’s immune system responds to the HPV virus differently.

• If a person has warts, they can spread the virus to other places on their own body.
• They are spread through breaks in own skin like a hangnail or scrape.
• Biting nails also can cause warts to spread on the fingertips and around nails.

Following are the options:-
[1] Basil: Basil has multiple anti-viral components, and it is the virus which causes warts.
Applying Basil directly on the wart area will not only speed up the process of healing.
Natural Cure of  Warts

[2] Apple Cider Vinegar: It doesn’t kill the common wart virus but its acid attacks the
Flesh and kills the physical wart thus making it easy to peel it naturally.

[3] Milk of Milkweed: Little amount of it applied on the wart is known to be a famous natural remedy.
An enzyme found in it, digest and dissolves the common wart.

[4] Banana mash: This also contains proteolytic enzyme similar to
that of milkweed which is capable of eating away wart.
Apply the inside whitish mush of banana peel to the wart area, and do it 2 times a day.

[5] Sticking a needle:
This might sound crazy but yes, warts are actually undetected by our immune system and so
this is why they last so long. And we can do the task of alerting the immune system of our
body by simply using a sterilised needle. This is also known as immunotherapy. After you
poke it, your body will know that something is wrong and will start its natural healing.