What If Alcohol Didn’t Exist?

If Alcohol Didn't Exist?

*—Alcohol is responsible for almost 40% of all crimes throughout the world.

*—3.3 million People would be alive every year.

*—It is the second most leading cause of death, after tobacco.

*—Nearly 8% of Male-deaths and 4 % female-deaths are alcohol-related.

*—People would be less susceptible to




*—10,000 Americans wouldn’t get killed each year by drunken driving.

*—More people would be satisfied with how they lost their  Virginity.

27% of youth wish they weren’t drunk then they  lost theirs.

*—More than half of the world doesn’t drink alcohol.

*—There would be far fewer homicides each year.

*—Alcohol plays a role in 40% of violent crimes.

*—We would have more money.

*— Americans spend 1% of their income on Booze.

*—There would be more healthy babies.

*—1 in 170 are born with fetal alcohol syndrome.

*—Alcohol increases the likelihood of unprotected sex.

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