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Why People Feel Lost In Life?


Getting lost in life from time to time is normal. Nobody went through the journey of finding one’s self and perfected the quest the very first time. Being acquainted with oneself is a journey worth walking for, and perhaps, one that is the most sublime of all quests. When you feel lost in life, Masaru […]

Have You Had Your Tonsils Removed? Here Is Really Bad News For You


For decades, millions of children across the world’s developed nations have undergone surgery to remove their tonsils and adenoids. These lymphatic tissue structures, which serve to trigger a first-line immune response to pathogens entering the respiratory tract, frequently become chronically inflamed in the first years of life. Since the medical community has long believed that […]

Is Use of Hand Dryers Beneficial to Us?

Woman dries her hands in the bathroom

You may want to rethink using hand dryers in public bathrooms You may think that using a hand dryer in a public bathroom is a far more sustainable and hygienic method of drying your hands than using hand towels. On the contrary, a recent study has uncovered the disturbing truth that doing so could actually […]

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