Muslim Man Saves 64 Christians from Beheadings by Islamic Militants in Philippines

Many politicians, religious activists and the corporate media have been very quick to blame Muslims for every terrorist attack thats occurred in the West. 

They hide that terrorism involves religion; that invasive and corrupt ideologies through propaganda incite extremism, and Muslims are good people. Terrorists want us to feed their ego’s by doing this, because it fits into their agenda. Not all Muslims are terrorists just because of a group of radicals decided to kill innocent civilians etc.

In Kenya, a group of Muslims kept Christian passengers safe when Islamic militants ambushed their bus, in December of 2015. A man, Salah Farah, a fellow passenger on the bus that refused to budge, prevented bullets from killing Christians. He died of his wounds.

At the scene, it was reported that he told the militants,“kill us all or leave us alone.” A man named Najih Shaker Al-Baldwai saved hundreds of lives in Iraq in July 2016. When a suicide bomber had tried to blow up the Sayyed Mohammad Shrine in Balad, Shaker did what some wouldn’t dare to. He ran towards the suicide bomber and hugged him to help weaken the explosion.

Yet no one talked about this or gave attention to the man responsible for saving lives. Recently, in the Philippines, a Muslim man secretly hid 64 Christians in his house and saved them from being murdered by ISIS militants.

A traditional clan leader, Norodin Alonto Lucman, had opened his home to about 71 people, of which 64 were Christians,who were working hard to avoid the paths of heavily-armed gunmen who sparked intense fighting with the Filipino army.

“I had an ordeal because one day before the attack, there were some Christian workers who were in the house, fixing the small tower. The following days, other Christian workers took refuge in my house. There were about 64 of them in my hands and I was very determined nothing happens to them.

When ISIS came, they recognized me and they showed respect by just leaving when I told them to leave. They didn’t know I was hiding Christians. If they knew that there were Christians in my house, they would all be beheaded and executed.”

He says that the Maute, which names itself the Islamic State of Lanao, would reach his guests over his dead body. They had escaped by carrying white flags, and saying “Allahu Akbar,” a Muslim rallying cry, and were able to flee.“As we walked, others joined us,” he told reporters. “We had to pass through a lot of [militant] snipers.”