Actress Who Proved She Was Raped by Hollywood Elite at Golden Globes, Found Dead

Police claim Django Unchained star ‘committed suicide’ after reporting rape

Actress Misty Upham was found dead in Seattle woodland shortly after providing DNA evidence to support her claim that she was raped by an elite Hollywood executive at the Golden Globe Awards.

The 32-year-old Django Unchained star’s body was found by her uncle 11 days after she went missing from her Auburn, Washington home.

King County medical examiner’s office has ruled that they are “unable to determine” the manner Upham’s death, but her relatives claim that she was not suicidal and plummeted to her death while running away from police.

The coroner’s report stated that she had died from “blunt-force injuries to her head and torso.”

Police, on the other hand, ruled that she “committed suicide” by jumping off a cliff into the ravine down below where she was found.

The 32-year-old actress died in the Seattle suburb of Auburn on the day before her relatives filed a missing person’s reports with police in October 2014.

The case of the mysterious death of the “August: Osage County” actress was soon forgotten and swept under the carpet.

No charges were filed again the Hollywood executive after their victim died and they went back to living their lavish lifestyle.

Just recently, however, Charles Upham, Misty Upham’s father, has spoken out about the rape of his daughter at the Golden Globes and exposed the horrifying problem that Hollywood has with sexual abuse.

At the time of her death, Charles Upham has said he does not believe his daughter committed suicide.

“She has said suicidal things in the past but never followed through,

“She doesn’t believe in killing herself.

“She believes that is a sin and she would never do that.”

According to the Daily Mail, in the days after the discovery of Misty’s body, her family came out with claims that the 32-year-old woman fell to her death by accident while running away from police.

Upham’s parents alleged that the Native American actress had been mistreated and that the Auburn Police Department did not take her disappearance seriously.

The local police have denied the Upham family’s allegations.


In a statement posted on Facebook, relatives say she fled her apartment when officers from Auburn PD came knocking.

She then plummeted to her death while trying to get out of view from the road.

Prior to this incident, they allege that she was “taunted and teased” by law enforcement officials picked when picked her up from her apartment and placed her in an “involuntary transport to ER” while handcuffed.

“She was cuffed and placed in a police car. Some of the officers began to taunt and tease her while she was in the car.

“Because it was dark they couldn’t see that we, her family, were outside our apartment just across the street witnessing this behavior.

“They were tapping on the window making faces at her.

“Misty was crying and she told them you can’t treat me like this I’m a movie actress and I will use my connections to expose you.

“Then another officer walked up to her asked ‘are you a movie star?, then why don’t complain to George Clooney!”

Now, as shocking revelations have come to light regarding Hollywood elites such as Harvey Weinstein and Kevin Spacey, Mr. Upham has decided to come forward and blow the whistle on what really happened to his daughter.

He said that he feels compelled to speak up after the “recent backlash with regard to Harvey Weinstein’s sexual allegations is blowing up like a NAPA Valley firestorm leaving a trail of victims in its wake.”

“My daughter, Misty Upham, was a victim of rape by a Weinstein Executive in 2013 at the Golden Globe Awards.

“The rapist forced her into the men’s room and had his way while other men in formal wear cheered him on as if he were chugging a beer in a contest.

“As Misty made the walk of shame back to the event, the Exec was given high fives, bragging rights, and another notch in his Weinstein Co. belt.

“What should have been an auspicious occasion for Misty turned into a nightmare of pain, humiliation, fear, and anxiety?”

Maybe now, in our current climate of realization of the true depravity in the entertainment industry, may we see finally see her rapist brought to justice.

In a perfect world, maybe her suspicious death would also be properly reinvestigated.