8 Tattoos From Failed Relationships Covered Up In Some Creative Ways

8 Tattoos From Failed Relationships Covered Up In Some Creative Ways

We’ve all made mistakes in our past, but perhaps some mistakes stand out stronger than others. In the case of tattoos… well, those mistakes can sometimes be permanent.

Sometimes when we think we love somebody so much, we feel the need to brand our body with their name, as if it is some kind of proclamation or validation of that love. However, what often ends up being the case, is that this love was not meant to last, but now you’re stuck with your ex’s name slapped on your arm forever. Great.

Never fear! For there ARE options for you out there, you just need to think of a clever way to, you know, cover it up! The following list of 8 tattoos show some amazing and creative ways to cover up past mistakes, and hopefully, they can give you a brighter future. Note to self: never get someone’s name tattooed on my body.


1) Goodbye Kelsey, it was a slice of pie! This person opted to have his or her name branded to their wrist to look at their name every day. Kelsey forever! Just kidding! This person, however, thought of a clever way to cover her name up, or in this case, change it up to be Frasier star, Kelsey Grammer. Huzzah!


2) Not only is this a name covered up, but it’s an entire face. Jennifer must have really done some wrong to deserve this (likely not, this is all just a silly theory). The woman who seems pleasant in the person’s tattoo now appears very dead to the person. Literally dead. Now she’s a smiling grim reaper. Awesome!


3) This trilby wearing lady must have taken the high road and escaped this relationship. The level of cringe of having someone tattoo your face on their body forever seems to be a large red flag. Luckily she escaped, but this person was left to deal with their mistake by having it turn into a gorilla instead! How lovely!


4) Mary must have been a real someone, but when she left, this man was left with a literal and emotional scar. Mary, how could you leave? How COULD you? Well, whatever the reason, this guy really decided to make things awesome by turning Mary into Marge. This Marge Simpson pinup tattoo really takes the cake.


5) Although we can’t quite make out the words underneath his picture, we assume this is a full name branded underneath his mugshot. This woman decided to take the really awesome route by showing us all what a real gem this man really was but turning him into a huge negative black void.


6) Lauren must have been something special, but not special enough, I guess. Now she’s a clothing line. Don’t worry Lauren, we think you dodged a bullet with this one.


7) Dearest Sarah, you were once so special, but now you’re… sarah’cha sauce.


8) Goodbye, Jimmy. This couldn’t have lasted. Now you’re a really sick sword-through-a-heart tattoo. This is a really nice cover-up. You can’t even tell there was ever a name there! Well done!