Secrets Of The World’s Worst Dictators

There has been a lot of research done and documentation available on world’s most notorious dictators. The dictatorship is also termed as the authoritative rule over a country and its people and to regulate every aspect of the public and private behavior of the citizens.

The concept of dictatorship dates back to ancient Roman civilization, however, it was the modern history rulers who made dictatorship a synonym for abusing human rights.

The crimes committed by these leaders are well known and can be found over the internet and can be easily accessible to everyone. Very few would be aware of some of the surprising facts about these infamous world leaders.


This Leader Was Afraid of People


The leader of Libya, Colonel Gaddafi, kept himself in a private environment such that he often seemed scared of his own people.

It was believed that he built underground tunnels for his movement without being seen by others.

He Was High on Drugs


A book, ‘Blitzed: Drugs in the Third Reich’ by famous author Norman Ohler describes the role of drugs within the Third Reich.

It also mentions that Adolf Hitler used to be high on drugs to substitute his natural charisma which he lost during the war.

Koreas Cinematic Reputation


Former ruler King Jong-il abducted South Korean director and his actress wife and gave them access to over 15000 film titles for reviewing and creating a masterpiece to win international acclaim for North Korea.

Stalin Was Removed


Joseph Stalin was removed from his position and termed ill-suited for the post by Lenin between December 1922 and January 1923.

An Egomaniacal Leader


Saparmurat Niyazov used to call himself head of Turkmen and renamed a town after himself including schools, airports and a meteorite.

Took Away Land From White Farmers


Robert Mugabe encouraged White Farmers to sell their land to the interested buyers but instead gave the land to Black Farmers who didn’t know about farm training.

Execution of The Ladies


Uday Hussein of Iraq used to date the prettiest girls and then executed them once he was tired of his relationship with them.

He committed murder at a function in the presence of many horrified guests.

Most Gruesome and Callous


Around 1 to 15 million Congolese people died during the regime of Leopold II in Belgium. He used to annex Congo as his own property.