4 Critical Acne Myths which are really true, and you Have been Neglecting them!

There are plenty of myths on acne, probably you heard all sorts of stories, if you lived with acne as a teenager such as why acne develop or what you should do. Except a few blessed people, most of us have to live with acne even in adulthood. While it’s common believe, adults don’t get acne, but studies have found that significant numbers of adults are still getting acne into their adult age even in 50s.

Unlike above, many of these are just myths, but some are really true. Here are some common acne myths, which will help you separate fact from fiction.

1. Stress causes acne on everyone
This myth may have some basis in reality, though some people dismiss the connection between stress and skin. But Dr. Emmy Graber, a dermatologist at Boston Medical Center said that it does exist and not only this, even people with typically clear skin can find them fighting a flare-up when they come under stress. In people who already have acne, stress can make it worse, she added. Some other studies have found that stress does play a role on developing acne, such as college students have increased breakouts during finals. Stress doesn’t just cause acne, but also your stress is triggered your other full-body skin condition.

2. Eating pizza can cause acne
Pizza is a favorite food among many, but step away from the food item because pizza can be another cause of acne. “We used to tell our patients that that was not true, however, there are some new studies that suggest that it may be true for some people,” Dr. Emmy Graber, a dermatologist at Boston Medical Center says. “There’s new evidence that shows that foods that have a high glycemic index such as carbohydrates — your white rices, your white breads, such as pizza crust — may cause acne for some people.”

3. Eating chocolate give you acne
“The diet controversy over acne goes on,” Amy Derick, MD, FAAD, a dermatologist in Great Barrington, Ill says. “The idea that chocolate and caffeine cause acne has never really panned out.” Some studies have revealed that milk products like chocolate might influence acne, because of the presence of hormones and bacteria in the milk. “But the data isn’t that strong, and I don’t want to recommend that 30-year-old women cut out milk when they need it for their bone health.” Derick added.

4. Sunscreen aggravates your acne
Don’t forget to pick the right sunscreen, because some sunscreens use a chemical reaction, which may cause of acne. If you are one of them, who have prone to acne, use a physical sunscreen instead.
source: huffingtonpost   stethnews