Always Accept the Ground Reality in all Circumstances for a Successful Life Journey

This little story would give more Hope and Simplicity in Life…

A professor began his class by holding up a glass of water for all to see. He then asked students how much the glass weighs. Some said 30gms, some 100, some 150 ml, etc. He asked what would happen if I held it up for a few minutes?

Students said- nothing. He then asked- after 1 hour? A student said- your arm would ache’

He then asked- what about 1 whole day? Student said- your arm could go numb and you might have to go to hospital as well.

He then asked- But did the glass weight change? Student said ‘No’

He asked- Then what caused the arm ache? Student was speechless.
He then asked- What to do to come out of pain? Student said- Put the glass down!

He said- Very well. Now, Life’s problems are almost like that. For a few minutes in the head, they seem OK. After sometime, they begin to ache. Longer than that, they begin to paralyze the system and no one would be able to do anything.

This is why it is vital to think of the problems in your life and more important to put them down before going to sleep. This would keep you stress free and fresh everyday to give more strength your way.

So, while starting a new day, always remember to ‘Put the glass down! Think in a broader way and always have farsightedness for any task you undertake in life.