You can Always Pursue Dreams Irrespective of Your Body Size

Eyebrows were raised when a skimpily dressed Emma Haslam appeared on stage for Britain’s Got Talent’s audition. In fact, one of the judges even seemed to be a little judgmental, if anything, on seeing her dress code. However, what followed from this young mother and housewife was simply breathtaking!

Her pole fitness skills on display simply shed the usual stereotypical notions that society tends to trap people in. Not only did the judges notice Emma’s skills. English tabloid ‘Daily Mail’ reports how her body confidence was so great that a plus sized clothing brand, Yours Clothing, is getting her to model their products. Emma explained how pole fitness made her confident of her body and that the show was giving her a great audience to showcase her skills to.

It is prolific what Emma showed, and is also a big example to women to pursue their dreams irrespective of their body size.