Day: 5

Things You Shouldn’t Let Go Down The Drain

Your drain may look like a deep dark hole to nowhere but fact is it eventually leads to large bodies of water. When you need to dispose of something liquid you may be inclined to put it down the drain but it could be the reason why we have to work so hard to continue

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Is The Social Media Boon Or Else For The Women?

Initially social media was an outlet for people to connect with their friends and family. Now with a huge boost in technology social media sites now hold more data than ever including photos, videos, and social groups which can be shared with the entire world. Studies show that sounds and images have a great impact

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Unknown Facts About The Entire Beauty Industries

Before you could walk next door to obtain beauty products people practiced beautification in their homes. Beauty rituals date as far back as the ancient Egyptians. The Greeks were known for their fancy baths and the Romans for their perfect physique, yet they had no access to manufactured personal care products. Nature use to be

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