Day: 9

Rise In Cancer Could Be Due To Our Food And Wrong Eating Habits

Last year over 1.6 million people were diagnosed with some type of cancer. With the exponential advances in science and technology it is hard to believe that so many are still being diagnosed with this deadly disease. While there are many organizations attempting to find a cure for cancer it would be smart to reduce

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Love Has No Labels

A recent display attempted to open the hearts and minds of people everywhere to a new meaning of love. Love Has No Labels is a public service announcement released by The Ad Council that is part of a yearlong campaign to end biased thoughts. A video has freshly surfaced showing how much hype the Love

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Amazing Action of Mom After her Toddler is Bullied Online

You may think posting a photo on social media is harmless but for some it can be scary. Social media has broken the barrier of communication allowing people across the entire world to communicate and now they all have the power to “like’ or comment on your every move. Not everyone looks like the video

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