Well Known Men Who You Won’t Believe Were Females

While this may come across as something of a shock to some people, there are men at present who were actually born as females. With the advent of newer forms of technology, there are just so many things that are totally possible these days, even though they seemed something impossible earlier. Humans can now get what they want or even change something they feel like. Below are just some of the astounding cases of men who were actually born as females, before they decided to undergo the gender change. Let us take at look at them.

Andreas Krieger

Andreas went on to have a gender reassignment surgery back in 1997, due the fact that anabolic steroids given to her by her coaches, during her career as an athlete, was having a distressing effect on her woman physique. Earlier, she was known to the world as Heidi Kreiger, and had even won a shot putt gold at the European Championships in 1986 representing Germany.

Balian Buschbaum 

Balian underwent a reassignment surgery in 2008 in order to become a male. Earlier, she was known as Yvonne Buschbaum, a German pole-vaulter who retired from the sport due to some persistent injuries that had taken over her. Also, her gender change operation was one of the reasons behind her retirement.

Buck Angel

Buck Angel is presently an adult film producer as well as a performer. He is also the founder of Buck Angel Entertainment. What you might not have known though is the fact that Buck was actually a female professional model earlier.

Chaz Bono

Chaz Bono, a musician, writer and also an activist, underwent the transition from female to male somewhere between 2008 and 2010. He was earlier known as Chastity Sun Bono, the lone daughter of popular pop duo, Sonny and Cher Bono.

Ian Harvie

Ian Harvie is a popular stand-up comedian who changed genders at an age of 32. He has toured with many well known celebrities and is also very popular among the LGBT community. Ian has claimed that he was a transgender since his early age but didn’t exactly have a language for his actual identity then.

Loren Cameron

At present, Loren Cameron happens to be a muscular hunk who is a photographer, transsexual activist, and an author. He is also known to make self portraits. Earlier, Loren happened to a cheerful blonde woman.

Lucas Silveira

Lucas happened to be a tomboy during his entire childhood. During her life as a lesbian, she made up her mind to undergo a change in gender and started therapy in 2010. At present, he is well known as the guitarist cum vocalist of the rock band, The Clicks.

Ryan Sallans

Ryan is a transgender advocate who travels across America to share his life’s stories of being a transgender. Earlier, he was known as Kimberly Ann Sallans and went hormone therapy in 2005.

Thomas Beatie

Thomas is an author, public speaker, and a transgender advocate. He entered the Guinness Book of World Records in 2007, being the first married man to give birth through artificial insemination. He was earlier a female model, who was also a finalist in Miss Teen Hawaii USA pageant, going by the name of Tracy Lehuanani LaGondino.