How to Deal With Tough People?

People are constantly trying to have it their way, and you’d be surprised just how much far they’re willing to go. However, the good news is that you can make yourself immune to different types of mental manipulation by simply being aware of them. So let’s dive in.

The Guilt Tripper

Description: Guilt Trippers will constantly to make you feel bad for doing or not doing something they wanted. In the end, the very exposure to Guilt Trippers becomes a mentally torturous venture.

Typical quote: “You said you’d do it but you didn’t…” “It’s okay, I’ll do it even if I told you to…”

How to deal with them: Guilt Trippers will generally abandon their ways if they see that guilt trips are no good. You can also try to call them out: “I won’t do this or that if you’re trying to force me by guilt.”

The Bore

Description: Bores will try anything in their power to talk to you, generally about subjects that are completely irrelevant to you. They may be smart, but you do not enjoy their company.

Typical quote: “I’ve been trying to grab a hold of you for so long!”

How to deal with them: It is futile to think that Bores will quit trying to make company with you. The best solution is to feign constant business – “I wish I had any time to see my friends…” / “My work is my real passion.” If you’re proficient with it, pretend to be boring yourself – talk about boring subjects and constantly run out of things to say. Play with your phone.

The Blabbermouth

Description: All these people are interested in is talking. Since talking to a wall would make them appear utterly insane, they need other people as a facade to fill them up with their word torrents.

Typical quote: “… so yeah, that was a really weird dream I had. Which reminded me of a trip that I went with hubby and the boys. Have I told you about that one? But before I start, have you read that news about…”

How to deal with them: It is generally very difficult to deal with Blabbermouths as they hardly give you any breathing space. If you try to force your way to turn their monologue into dialogue, they will usually accuse you of being impolite. Avoid them like Bores or, if you’re able, take an occasional jab at their logorrhea (“Remember that last time when I got to say something?”).

The Gossip

Description: Gossips will share secrets confided unto them with anyone they can, usually ending their juicy gossips with “but don’t tell anyone!” Of course, they never take that advice themselves.

Typical quote: “Of course, I only told you this because I’m in such a state of shock. I would have never expected that from her.”

How to deal with them: First things first – people who gossip to you will gossip about you. Never, ever divulge any information to a Gossip unless you know that person in question would be fine with it. Gossips can be defeated easily by turning the tide of conversation (“Oh I know how she dresses – which reminds me, have you seen that fashion special on the English Queen?”).