Things You Shouldn’t Let Go Down The Drain

Your drain may look like a deep dark hole to nowhere but fact is it eventually leads to large bodies of water. When you need to dispose of something liquid you may be inclined to put it down the drain but it could be the reason why we have to work so hard to continue to produce clean water. While there are many things that are safe to pour down the drain there are a few things you should avoid at all costs.

  1. Grease

When you let grease go down the drain it can result in a clogged sewer, the grease mixes with other compounds and can eventually stop water supply. Instead recycle your oil at a facility of your choice or let it harden (if possible) and place it in the garbage.

  1. Micro beads

Many people wash their face with a cleanser contain little round beads. Those small round beads are called micro beads and are often made of plastic. When these beads go down the drain they end up in larger bodies of water which endangers under water animals.  Micro beads are also so small they often slip through when water is filtered.

  1. Bathroom/Baby Wipes

Though it may seem like bathroom wipes work the same as tissue they are made from a material that doesn’t break down, even in water. These wipes have been a common cause for backups.

  1. Prescription Medications

If you have old medications you should always take them to a local pharmacy or medication recycling program. Some medications can contaminate the water supply and can eventually reach animals that live near or in water.

Pouring the wrong things down the drain causes city workers to spend long hours unclogging sewers, animal extinction and a contaminated water supply. To prevent further damage to the environment be sure to watch what goes down your drain.