Mind Boggling Facts That Are Hard To Believe

The world around us comprises of truly amazing stuff that we aren’t yet aware of. Now and then, you might have often come across something that seems pretty extraordinary or rather unnatural.  True to that, you would obviously find such things really hard to believe. Here, we reveal 9 very bizarre facts that you would find difficult to come to terms with. Not only are they just unbelievable, you will also find them to be jaw dropping. Some facts are so mind-boggling that they would leave you totally dumbstruck!

1- Men Can Breastfeed                                                                                      

It is the prerogative of women to lactate her child, but if you are told that men can also breastfeed his infants, your head will hang in surprise. It seems the exclusive right of breastfeeding is not reserved solely for ladies. If prolactin, a hormone responsible for milk production in humans, is released in the male bodies in abundance, fathers can also lactate. A slew of factors such as pituitary gland tumor, nipple stimulation, abnormal functioning of liver and effect of certain medications can be responsible for this change. Surprised?

2- A Chicken That Survived for 18 Months without Head

Christened Mike, a chicken made everyone scratch their heads in confusion. A farmer definitely beheaded it but missed its jugular vein that resulted in a headless chicken walking on the streets for an unbeatable 18 months. It was fed with a mixture of water and milk using an eye-dropper through a visible esophagus. Mike, as a newfangled invention, was displayed in front of the entire Southwest region of America.  It is often touted as one of the weirdest poultry event.

3- Kissing Transfers 80 Million Bacteria

A kiss is a token of love and nothing else can show your affection towards your beloved in a more beautiful manner. However, what you probably aren’t aware of is the fact that a 10-second long passionate kiss, mouth-to-mouth, transfers a staggering 80 million bacteria!

  1. 42 paper folds can be a ladder to the Moon

You would actually be stunned to know that a paper folded 42 times will be thick enough to touch the moon! Flummoxed? Well, you surely ought to be. However, a basic calculation can prove this to be true. When you fold a paper 20 times, it attains a height of 6 miles, which is enough to surpass the height of Mount Everest, the highest peak in the world. Thus, a 42-fold thickness will be equivalent to the distance of 239,000 kilometers, or basically the distance from the Earth to its only natural satellite, the Moon.  Incredible, isn’t it? 

5- Honey can be stored for thousands of years

Nothing lasts forever. Absolutely true! But this old adage seems to take a hard knock when it comes to honey, a sweet, sticky, golden-colored fluid, made from floral nectar by bees. If you are buying honey from a grocery store and looking for the expiry date, you are probably not aware of honey’s shelf life. Honey is fit for consumption for a longer period of time and can be used for thousands of years. Several factors such as its acidity, no water-content and presence of hydrogen peroxide can be held accountable for its superb sustainability. As sweet as honey?  Rather say, as old as honey!   

6- Apple, onion and, potatoes – All taste the same

If you are suffering from nasal blockage and onions, apples and potatoes all taste the same; you cannot blame your taste buds. Smell is basically what helps our sense of taste, and thus without it they all have a similar, natural sweet taste. 

7- The ‘Surprising’ Soccer Victory of 149-0

You would not believe such a ‘soccer’ score line could ever be possible, or would certainly doubt the alacrity on the part of the referee after reading this. When the two teams contested against each other during an ‘Associated Football Game’ in Madagascar, the score line read 149-0. This could have been entirely different if there had not been any controversy on account of the decision wrongly taken by the referee in the previous game. As a protest against it, the losing team smashed an incredible 149 own goals during the game!

8 ‘Dinner’ Was ‘Breakfast’ Earlier

Imagine a close relative inviting you for the ‘dinner’. You would definitely not prefer visiting your family member during early morning hours or noon time for ‘dinner’ because it is an evening meal. But you would be surprised to know that ‘Dinner’ was ‘Breakfast’ earlier. In the past, ‘dinner’ was the first big meal of the day, which was consumed in the afternoon. To put it more realistically, the word ‘dinner’ has a French origin. It is coined from the world ‘Disner’ which means ‘Breakfast’. As the time changed, more meals were incorporated in the schedule and ‘breakfast’ was soon used to describe the morning meal used to break the night-long fast.