Is The Social Media Boon Or Else For The Women?

Initially social media was an outlet for people to connect with their friends and family. Now with a huge boost in technology social media sites now hold more data than ever including photos, videos, and social groups which can be shared with the entire world.

Studies show that sounds and images have a great impact on the brain and can slowly shape the way you think and act. On average a person spends three or more hours per day on social media sites which may be why what occurs on social media tends to influence the entire world.

Females tend to spend 40% more of their time per day on these sites than men. Unfortunately we are in an era where the female image has become strictly erotic and most of the junk floating on your news feed reflects this. Men may be entering nirvana when they log into a site full of erotica without having to pay a penny but women are becoming outraged.

If you haven’t had a chance to enter the world of social media lately let us introduce you to the latest trends:

Twerking: What was originally a comeback of old school hip hop and African cultural dance has been turned into a strip show.  Women choose their favorite dance song and focus the camera on their butt while they shake it to the beat. Some women have performed this act with little to no clothes.

Butt Shots: Having a big butt is now a new fashion trend and those who have one, or just went to buy one wants the world to see. A butt shot is when a woman takes a picture to show how big her butt is. Women have been seen in shorts that cover half of their bodies and even propping it on furniture to make it look more round.

Modeling: While this is a serious job for some others are going to local photographers and posing for sexy pics just to show their friends and families. Women pay hundreds of dollars for a photo shopped picture just so people see them as “sexy”.

The women who do not desire to partake in these trends are often left feeling less than beautiful. When a women posts a picture or video exposing themselves they get hundreds of “likes” while a fully clothed woman won’t receive a third of that. This is causing more and more women to become sexually explicit, devaluing their worth.

A recent attempt to clean up timelines by adding more things that interest you and unfriending the perverts shows how many people are at their wits end with negative images. Hopefully we can change social media for the better; maybe the world would be a more positive place!