Horrible : Wedding Crashed By Tiger As Guests Run For Cover

Happy couple have their day ruined when a TIGER gatecrashes their wedding sending screaming guests running for cover

  • A tiger gatecrashed a wedding in India, leaving guests running for cover
  • The ceremony in the village of Madya Pradesh was abruptly interrupted
  • Footage shows guests screaming after the big cat appears from the bushes

Gatecrashers can make or break an event, bringing unexpected fun or unrelenting misery.

But for one happy couple, their uninvited guest was certainly not a welcome one after a tiger decided to show his face at their wedding.

Guests and the host were seen screaming and running for cover as the wild beast interrupted their festivities in the village of Madya Pradesh, India.

After the tiger appears from within the bushes the cameraman makes a dash for a safer perch to film from away from the approaching feline.

The big cat later managed to roam 600km to Maharashtra in central India and attack a woman in Sundartola village as she went to the toilet at 5am.


She has been admitted to a state-run hospital in Tumsar.

A team of seven forest officials and wildlife activists monitoring the beast said the tiger is bold by instinct, not afraid of humans and is attracted to light.

They said the tiger does not hesitate to walk across human settlements even in broad daylight – but added that the behaviour of their target is ‘unusual’.