Video :The Secrets Of Longevity By 199 Years Old Man With The Longest Life In The World


“You don’t want to live as long as Mastei,do you?”
That is how people of Osoi play jokes on the elderly of the village,those over 95,anyway.It’s been an old saying since ancient times,since Mastei himself was about 148 years old and so!

Since then,he would have lived,it is said,another half a century more,until 1952.Getting all the attention from some highly important scientifical personalities of the time like,Ana Aslan and I.C.Parhon,the old man’s notorious case,that of Maftei Pop of Osoi was unfairly ignored for quite a few decades.The documents found recently in the Archives  put his case back on the map proving that the Romanian man from Osoi would have undoubtfully lived  for no less than 148 years long!A genuine story,behind which the ultimate act of human kindness of simple villagers from Cluj district started wisdomly to unfold.

The Secrets of Longevity: Plum Brandy And Cornmeal

The truth is that back in the old days,here in Osoi people used to live healthy. There are plenty of orchards here, forests and plum trees ,for as far as you can see ahead of you, therefore during summer you can hardly see the houses among the fruitful trees!”said in excitement Alexandru Duma,a young farmer ,in love with the countryside of his childhood.

”My grandpa used to tell me that in the morning when Mastei was sleeping in our shed,he would bring him a portion of corn porridge and a shot of brandy  ,as it was the tradition of the place,to keep him full till lunch was ready.On the other hand,the people back then,used to have simple meals,nothing sophisticated, like:jam made of plums with no sugar,dry fruits, boiled corn and milk.Mastei used to have a little jug of about 1l and a half,  made of clay and he would keep it firmly secured  at his waist .As he was walking along the village streets people would stop him and pour in some culture milk.The traditional ,basic and healthy organic food kept Mastei alive and kicking for so long”thinks alexandru Duma.”And that shot of good plum brandy,from grandpa,God save his soul!”

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