Day: April 19, 2017

Alarming Signs You’re Eating Too Much Sugar


Not all sugars are created equal, and they’re hidden in most of today’s processed foods. Nutritionist, fitness trainer, and author JJ Virgin has written a new book that helps open your eyes to the way sugars are hidden. The book also provides practical tips on how to wean yourself from this pernicious ingredient that will […]

Warning Signs That Something Is Wrong With Your Liver


Knowing the Symptoms of Liver Disease Could Save your Life Knowing how to recognize the symptoms of liver disease can save your life. Liver disease, if spotted early enough, can be slowed down  and cured (providing the causes have been identified and are avoided in future). Eventually, your liver can fully recover by growing new healthy […]

Police Warn Facebook Users to Avoid Reactions Feature


The like button is the engine of Facebook and its most recognized symbol. However, Facebook launched its new emotion icons earlier this year but police have warned people against using the feature. Six new reactions which appear as animated emotions and pop-up whenever the Like button is long-pressed on the Facebook app. Because of this […]