Women are such interesting human beings. Besides the phenomenal fact that females can carry a living thing inside their bodies for 9 months and then give birth to it, they differ so much from the male species — dare we say often one-upping them! Now, this is not a contest, but if it were, women would win most of the time! All jokes aside, there are a lot of interesting facts about women that probably your mom or grandmother didn’t even know about.


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32 Facts About Women You Probably Weren’t Aware Of

1.The female heart is programmed to beat two times faster than males – this is because the female heart is 2 ounces smaller than a male’s heart

2.Women are known to use both sides of their brains on a given task, whereas men tend to use the left side of their brains more often.

3.Females muscles contain more elastin, making them more flexible – this is probably why you don’t see many men doing gymnastics.

4.Females have more taste buds on their tongues than males – in a study done at the University of Copenhagen, they looked at taste sensations of children and they found that the boys needed about 10% more sourness and 20% more sweetness to be able to recognize the taste of something.

5.Women are more likely to worry about what they eat than men. In a 2002 scientific review, researchers found that only 27% of women agreed with the statement, ” I don’t worry about food, I just eat what I like”, whereas 46% of men agreed with that statement.

6.Female skin is two times more sensitive than a male’s.

7.Women can hear high frequency sounds better than men – (maybe this is why women always have to repeat themselves to men?).

8.Typically, women are known to be better at multitasking – this is because of the part of the brain (called the corpus callosum) that processes organization is bigger in females than in males.

9.A female neck is more flexible – typically when females want to turn around, they turn their heads. Whereas men typically turn their entire body.

10.When women are pregnant, 30% of them have a craving for inedible things – this is known as pica, and they’ll crave things like soil, laundry starch, clay etc.

11.Women form stronger attachments to other people and have better-developed brain areas that are responsible for the feeling of affection – this is due higher oxytocin levels in females.

12.Cramps and painful periods may be caused by low calcium and magnesium levels. You could use a heating pad or a hot water bottle on your lower back or abdomen to provide relief, you should avoid drinking caffeine, and try doing yoga.

13.Girls are born with about 300,000 egg cells – only a small percentage of these mature into eggs. The ones that do not mature, degenerate and this degeneration happens more rapidly 10-15 years before menopause.

14.The average woman has about 450 periods in her lifetime.

15.When women have heart attacks they usually have different symptoms than men – they are more likely to have nausea, indigestion and shoulder aches as opposed to chest pain.

16.Women can get pregnant 5-8 days after having sex – studies show that the sperm can live in the cervical mucus for 5-8 days before the egg is even fertilized.

17.On average, women are known to speak about 20,000 words a day, that’s 13,000 more than the average man. A study suggests that females were found to have higher levels of a protein, called Foxp2, in their brain as opposed to men. This protein is also known as the “language protein”.

18.Between the ages of 16-24, anxiety, depression, phobias or OCD affect 26% of women – it’s suggested this is mostly due to economical and technological changes.

19.According to the study done by Jean-Denis Rouillon, a sports medicine specialist from France, bras discourage the growth of supporting breast tissue. One of the participants of the study said she went bra-free and she was able to breath more easily.

20.About a third of women are affected by urinary incontinence – this can cause physical, psychological and sexual problems.

21.Women show signs of stress differently – women are more likely to get headaches, upset stomachs, indigestion, and an urging feeling to cry. Whereas men show signs such as loss of sex drive, aches and pains, and constipation.

22.According to a Swedish study, women with long-term stress have a higher risk of developing dementia and Alzheimer’s.

23.According to Fertility and Sterility, stress can make women less fertile.

24.A double uterus is rare, but this abnormality can happen to women – this condition can affect pregnancy such as increasing the risk of a miscarriage or a premature birth.

25.Women with healthy brains are known to have better memory functions than men with healthy brains – this is probably why women can bring up a fight that happened five years ago and the man has no recollection of it.

26.Women burn fat more slowly than men – on average, women have about 8-10% more body fat than men.

27.Studies have shown that women feel more pain than men – this is because women have more nerve receptors which cause them to feel pain more intensely.

28.Women cry more than men – stereotypes aside, this is usually due to hormonal differences and even social conditioning.

29.Women blink almost twice as much as men – this is due to the levels of estrogen in women.

30.Some women can see millions of more colors – some women (known as tetrachromats) are born with a genetic mutation that causes them to gain a 4th color vision code in their eyes.

31.Women’s brains respond differently to eating “luxury” foods like chocolate. In a 2006 study, scientists found that different areas of the brain were activated when women ate chocolate after a fast than when men ate chocolate after a fast.

32.After age 6, the female brain weighs less than the male brain (although this doesn’t affect intelligence!).

As you can see, women are such intriguing species and they never seize to amaze us! Share this with others to educate them on how fascinating women really are!