Day: 7

What Men Really Think About Your Underwear?

Here’s What Men Really Think About Your Underwear Panties are an ancient garment dating back to Ancient Egypt . However, there are a mind-boggling number of styles available. Here are some pointers to help you determine which panty style to wear depending on what message you want to send to men. 1. Thongs A simple thong sends

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The Toilet Always Smells Fresh And Stays Clean. All You Need Is This

Cleaning the toilet is definitely among the household tasks that none of us likes to do. However, maintaining the toilet clean, germ-free and fresh is essential for the health and well-being of the entire family and it needs to be done regularly. So, instead of buying expensive cleaning agents and spending the entire day rubbing

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These Interesting Facts About Jackie Chan Will Leave You Spellbound

The biggest non-western movie star in the world, a successful actor, director, producer, action choreographer, and a stuntman; we all know him as Jackie Chan. Well-known for his perfect comic timing and impeccable fighting style, Chan has created a one-man film industry with his ability to combine easy gags with high kicks. Jackie Chan has

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