Day: 15

WikiLeaks: The Afghan Tunnels The US Just Bombed Were Built By The CIA

The Trump administration is flexing its military muscle, having stood up to Syria and its ally Russia, and while it’s now relishing in the news it has dropped the nation’s largest most-powerful non-nuclear bomb on a cave complex in Eastern Afghanistan, one critic was quick to point out one little-known fact. Wikileaks tweeted a simple

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Assad Says Syria Chemical Attack Was Fabricated By The U.S. & Is Hand-In-Glove With Terrorists

When the chemical attack occurred last week in Idlib, Syria, the Western military alliance and mainstream media immediately pointed their finger toward Assad. However, independent journalists and alternative news networks including CE questioned this, claiming that it could just be another false flag attack orchestrated by the West in order to justify military intervention for ulterior motives. The White

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