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Have you ever thought of catching an illness or a condition that may affect your unborn child? Well, to-be-mothers in Brazil and many parts of world are dealing with a new threat by the name of Zika virus. The Zika Virus is usually transferred from mosquitoes of a specific species and if pregnant women contract this virus, it can mean that their child could be born with an untreatable condition or even worst, still born. The dangerous and incurable virus has somehow made its way into the United States and 3 babies have been reported to show characteristics, specific to be affected by the Zika virus.

1. What is the dreaded Zika Virus?

The Zika virus usually spreads via the Aedes species mosquito. Women can get Zika virus, if they have sexual intercourse with a man who is infected and can pass on the virus to their fetus. Most of the common symptoms of the Zika virus are rashes, mild fever, conjunctivitis, headache and joint point in the patient. The biggest impact of the virus is on the new born babies as it leads to the development of microcephaly in babies. It is a condition in which the babies are born with a below average head size and it is caused by failure of brain to grow at normal rate in the womb. Sometimes the brain is so underdeveloped that it cannot support vital life functions and babies are stillborn. Most cases were reported in Brazil since October 2015, a total of 4,700 cases and 404 cases being confirmed and rest under investigation. The more shocking news is that the Zika virus has made its way to the United States.

What is the dreaded Zika Virus?

2. Zika virus cases in United States

The Centre for Disease Control and Prevention said that 3 babies born in the US were diagnosed with birth defects consistent with Zika virus effects. They also confirmed that there were 3 more cases of Zika virus related births, in which babies were either aborted or died due to complications during birth or were stillborn. The agency said that once the mosquito season begins in the US, there might be more locality based Zika attacks. In US, 234 women who are currently pregnant were diagnosed with Zika and furthermore, 189 women were diagnosed with Zika in US territories. The CDC has also confirmed that there is no known vaccine or any kind of medicine that can cure the Zika virus and condition at present.